No Guts, No Glory

Somewhere in the future
Far away from here
Trouble is waiting
On the last frontier

Into these worlds of unknown danger they ride
They're the Galaxy Rangers
Heroes in the sky

No Guts No Glory
No Pain No Gain
One for all, all for one
Riders on the range

No Guts No Glory
We're taking a stand
Ready to prove it again


Rangers are Forever

Now and again
We need a hero
When something out there is going wrong
Riding the Stars
Galaxy Rangers
Making it right where the false is strong

Blazing a trail in the dark of the night
'Cross the Last Frontier
No turning back where the end is in sight
There's a job to be done
A fight to be won

Rangers are forever
Whenever they hear duty call
they`ll be here to save us all.

Rangers are forever
Danger out there in the skies
There can be no compromise
Rangers they ride on and on
Rangers are forever.

Danke an "kr0k" & "Shane"


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